The Statler – Headed down a path to nowhere.

To me the answer is clear.  The answer is NO.


  • Why sell to a man who is offering $200,000 when others are offer $250,000 and $300,000?


  • Why sell to a man who needs 5.3 million in funding for “stabilization” from the City of Buffalo?  (BTW — According to the Business First article below the City has found a funding source for this money!!!  Really?  Where did this 5.3 million come from?)


  • Why sell to a man who’s pockets aren’t deep enough to renovate the structure?


  • Why sell to a man who is already invested in a hotel renovation within a blocks of this one?


  • Why sell to a man who apparently only has plans for the banquet and restaurant spaces?


  • Why sell to a man who can’t pay the back taxes bouncy castle at closing when others can?


Let me tell you why they are selling to Mark Croce.  It’s because he’s the only one who came to the plate when no one else would.  (Oh, did I mention that he’s close with Mayor Brown and that the Statler Trustee is tired of dealing with the property?)

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