Cobblestone Shortage

“Reclaim and Re-use” is the modern mantra!  This is for a very good reason.  Not only does reclaimed materials look better than modern day copouts, it is better for the environment.  More than likely, reclaimed materials will last much much longer than newer ones.

That being said, their is a modern day shortage of castillos hinchables sandstone cobblestones as seen above.

Our community sources say that there isn’t an unclaimed cobble around.  This isn’t just Buffalo’s problem.  It’s not just Western New York’s issue.  Every cobblestone from here to Iowa is claimed.

What is the reason for this?  Buffalo used to be known for it’s surplus red cobbles.  Fortunately for the reader, Hot Buffalo knows the reason.

ECHDC!  Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation.

Our sources have the ECHDC buying every red cobble they can get their hands on.

This would lead us to believe that major road work in the inner harbor is right around the corner.

Let’s hope progress actually does resume soon.  In the meantime, guard your cobbles.

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