Good Things in Buffalo – August 2014 – Part 1

Nick Sinatra – The City of Buffalo and the students of the Buffalo Public Schools love you!  (Developers pledge 10% of profits from luxury apartments at the Phoenix Brewery Building to Say Yes Program)  WHO DOES THAT!?!?!  What a grand gesture.

Summary of NEW downtown restaurants.

250 Delaware rising quickly…

“Blood and Sand” no longer “Blood and Sand”.  THE NAME was/is a hot topic of discussion.

“Pie in the Sky”… Wouldn’t it be cool watching a Bills game on TV and just waiting for the commercial breaks in anticipation because you’d see Buffalo’s Art Deco Master Piece (The Central Terminal) adjacent to a brand new stadium.  …neat idea but probably no chance.

Say goodbye to Carl’s billboard and hello to The Fairmont.  Say what you will about Carl and Ellicott Development but they can get some things done!

Speaking of Ellicott – Buffalo Christian Center Bldg (beautiful structure at Tupper/Pearl) sold to Ellicott Development

Buffalo Christian Center

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