Good Things in Buffalo – June 2014 – Part 3

Gate Circle plans moving along…

Resurgence is just simply… WOW I can almost guarantee you that this is the only place in the world where you can get a Sponge Candy Stout!

Hope for the Blacksmith Shop in the Cobblestone District.

The real interesting thing about this article/info is that the mortgage on the property was bought by an LLC called BPRSF… located in my building here – 95 Perry St.  …owned by Sam Savarino/Savarino Co.  I heard that Sam Savarino offered to buy the property from Carr a few years back but Carr refused to sell.  It looks like Sam may get this property after all.  Which is good news because he gets things done.  …just look at our building and this current Savarino project…

The return of Louie’s to the Elmwood strip!

Hot Mama’s Cantina opening in Black Rock

Gate Circle reuse…  WOW, the scale of that bldg on Delaware is much larger than what they initially proposed.

Oshun to open downtown in July

The new Bada Bing.  (The old Bradford space for those of us who are 40+/-)  Note – They now have an upstairs seating area.

District opens on Franklin

Chris Jacob’s and company pick up some property with mixed-use planned.

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