Buffalo’s Best Breakfast Catering

I recently had the pleasure of getting a little breakfast catering done.  Well, it wasn’t catering exactly.  I had ordered 2 half sheets of breakfast pizza from Panaro’s.  In my humble opinion Panaro’s has the best Breakfast Catering in Buffalo.  They have traditional breakfast drop off packages but what I prefer is the breakfast pizza.

Panaro’s breakfast pizza comes in half sheets.  It is extra thick and loaded with all the breakfast ingredients that you could want!  While I preferred the one loaded with meat both were superb! In fact I had some of the meatless, veggie friendly one left over and ate it the next several days happily.  The squares are extra large and deep meaning that 1 will fill up most people and it’s rare if you could possibly eat more than 2 unless you’re a competitive eater.

Even without trying the muffins, sticky buns or Danish I am proclaiming Panaro’s the best place to affordably get any breakfast even catered.

You’re going to love the way it tastes!

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