Buffalo’s Best Catering

There is a lot of personal opinion that goes into picking your favorite caterer.  Some pick the caterer based on events.  Is it an office function?  A Wedding?  Lunch, Brunch or Dinner?  Do we need desserts?

Hot Buffalo’s favorite caterer is a little unknown place that you have passed dozens if not hundreds of times without notice.

Buffalo’s best caterer is Panaro’s!

“What and where is Panaro’s?  Is it like Panera Bread?”

If you think Panera’s is good, you’ll love Panaro’s even more.  Panaro’s is family owned and operated.  On any given day you will see half a dozen cousins offering you a tremendous selection of various Italian cuisines at lunch time.

Panaro’s is located next door to Colter Bay at 571 Delaware Ave

Buffalo Caterer

We love Panaro’s for wedding catering, dessert catering, family functions and office catering.  We pick them as the hands down all-around best caterer in the city.

We love them even more when you compare their prices to well known brands like Wegman’s. (See below)

Also Panaro’s gives that at home taste with only the best ingredients and that special added dose of love in everything they make.

Give them a call at (716) 884-1033


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