Discount Drug Car

Discount Drug Car

Ranking right up there with “Bubble Man”, “Crazy Alice”, “Shoeshine Randy” and the “Lady in White” we welcome "Discount Drug Car” to list of Hot Buffalo topics!

Buffalo is one of the few places where you can just assume “716” (716.884.7980) is in the phone number for you out-of-towners looking to discount your drugs.

From a distance, the pills on the side of the car actually look like candy and ballons.  So make sure your kids aren’t expecting a fancy balloon when they order their Xoloft!

One thought on “Discount Drug Car

  1. If you have the opporunity to take adnvatage of a 50% discount why not? At least dinner is included right? Below is a youtube link to the show in Paris so you can get an idea for yourself and go from there. . youtube. com/watch?v=fcnkv6ZVBCoHope this helps!Joanne

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