Lady in White


white Have you seen her?  If you’ve ever been in Allentown during the summer, chances are you have!

We are talking about nobody other than the Lady in White!

She is impossible to miss.  Even on the hottest of days she is dressed head to toe in white.  She always has on a full white hood, a white dress, white pants, white socks, white gloves, white shoes and even white rimmed sunglasses.  Her walk is reminiscent of Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon.

Who is she?  Why does she dress in white?

Nobody has asked her.  She travels slowly and emits an air of passivity.  To everyone’s knowledge she has never bothered anybody and almost seems like she wants to be left alone.  Why else shield every inch of your skin from sunlight?

Many far flung theories exist.

  • She’s afraid of open spaces.
  • She’s allergic to the sun.
  • She is a burn victim.
  • She has a mental condition.

We have even heard some ridiculous ones such as.

  • She is black and wants to be white.
  • She is Osama Bin Laden

The Lady in White also now has a Lady in White Facebook group with over 2,000 members.

Do not disturb this nice woman.  Think of her a special ambassador of Allentown.  Take a picture if you like.  I for one don’t want the mystery ruined.

26 thoughts on “Lady in White

  1. Years ago sitting at Fiddle Heads we watched her pass by. It was November early.
    We toyed with the idea of becoming Lady in White spotters. Snap a picture and post it.
    Never followed through but am happy to see there are folks who want to savor her mystery. I do hope she has someone to take care of her when she stops walking the streets of Allentown. I am a member of Lady in White facebook.

  2. it saddens me that this woman has been turned into a freak show via Facebook. She might very well suffer from a mental illness and has or is suffering in ways we don’t understand. She has a story, she is someone’s daughter, perhaps someone’s mother, spouse or sister and friend or used to be these things and more to someone else. She may wear all white but her blood is red and her heart beats just like yours and mine. Instead of sneaking snapshots and taking the time to snicker and blog about her, maybe say hello and include her in your prayers. May all beings know peace. Thank you.

  3. Maybe she does this because she wants to be known for something and dressing completely white was her way of being noticed. For all you guys know, she could walk around normally during the day to do her shopping and stuff and then goes home and dresses in white and goes for a walk so the whole “Lady in White” thing will stay alive. She could just be doing it for fun. Maybe I’m wrong, who knows, this is just my theory.

  4. i told my friend mj wasnt dead and he faked his own death to get away from aeg…

  5. Think of her facebook (which I can’t find) as a cheer group for her to continue being who she is. Dont think of any pictures or group in her honor as a place to “snicker” about her.

  6. lance armstrong is the biker…louis armstrong was the trumpet player and yes neil was the moon guy jeeze…

  7. lol no dude louis armstrong is the trumpet player lance rides bikes and neil went to the moon

  8. As the person who started her facebook page, which has now been taken down, I did not intend this to make fun or snicker about her. I was honoring her mysteriousness. I think she’s awesome and was just seeing how many other people out there did as well.

  9. I saw her today…no hood, no shades! its was shocking to say the least…but after she shuffled by i felt like i just beat a video game as a kid. i have that “now what” feeling

  10. I enjoyed resding about her on FB- i don’t think there was any harm meant; it was nice to see that people felt happy when their paths crossed hers. She is frequently in my thoughts and prayers, and although our link to her on FB is gone, we will always wish her well. Stay safe, Dear Lady.

  11. I know this person and and yes she is someones mother and sister She is really a sweet lady and she does not bother anyone. I agree with one respose I read above, when seeing her and passing her why not say Hi instead of staring we are all Gods children.

  12. I think its kind of creepy in a way.. I am from California, I only found out about her from a YouTube vlog from Charles Trippy, a YouTube partner in Buffalo, New York…

  13. im interested to know if to know if she does this on purpose, to make her town unique? And she may walk out somedays without the white, and no one would ever no…

  14. Also very many people say they know her and say ALOT of stuff about her. How do we know Shell knows her? How do we know chris saw her with nothing because we DON’T know exactly what she looks like. How do we know ang started the page since it is now taken down. Honestly I think she is shy or has a skin disorder. Not allergic to the sun or has a mental disorder afraid of open spaces because she is just in clothes or she is invisible. The only reasonable ones are being a burn victim or mine, having a severe skin condition, or wanting to be unique.

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