15 thoughts on “Death of Humboldt Parkway


  2. these pictures are painful to see. this is why we must correct this historic wrong!!!

  3. A CRIME! And this is the opinion of someone who was born in ’60 who never had the chance to see the sheer beauty of the Parkway. That chance was taken by those with little to no forsight or respect for the beauty that “was” Humboldt Parkway. It robbed future generations also. SHAME ON ALL OF THEM, PAST AND THOSE IN THE PRESENT WHO WANT TO CONTINUE TO DESTROY THE CITY BIT BY BIT. WHAT’S NEXT, THE CENTRAL TERMINAL!!!

  4. I lived at 517 Humboldt Pkwy before this expressway was contemplated. The neighborhood kids played in the park and it was stunning in its beauty. This was all about graft corruption kickbacks and politics. We dont need to point fingers at the bananna republics -we are every bit as corrupt.

  5. At the time, regional planners were desperate to find a way for folks from Amherst and Cheektowaga to drive downtown. That green space was a tantalizing resource, and the residents most affected were, as a class, underrepresented. Buffalo, at that point, was starting to erode, and the highway was deemed to be an important economic stimulus

  6. I lived on Herman street and we would walk the Parkway from Best Street at the Museum of Science all the way to the Gully and the Zoo. It was such a special place to be a kid!

  7. Well, my friends. I was born in 1948 in Buffalo, raised by superb Italian-American parents and educated at a $10-a-year Catholic parish school run by missionary Franciscans, that kicks the ass of any New England prep school, believe me. A perfect childhood. A perfect little city. Until our playfield behind our school was gutted by bulldozers for the “Boost Buffalo” 50s real estate disaster of the century. Then at SUNY I learned that Frank Lloyd Wright’s Larkin Building, a dreamlike office building with hand-sculpted wrought-iron staircases and a central atrium, was torn down and yes, they put up a parking lot. But through life I have seen that all the idiots don’t reside in Buffalo. Come to New York, where the bootcamps are held by even bigger idiots. Life goes on. I used to ride to the Museum of Science on Thursdays to draw in the Jr. Sketch Club with my friends, and 5 decades later, I was walking down Avenue Foch in Paris and realized Humboldt Parkway had been modelled after that fabled boulevard.

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  9. I was born in 54 and my persons moved on East Ferry near Humboldt (between Fillmore and Humboldt) in 64. We played football against boys from the other side of the parkway everybody knew everybody! We all went to the Boys Club and the YMCA, there was a strong sense of Community. After they dug up the parkway that all changed. If you look at the expressway from downtown to Delaware Park, what they did was Effectively split the growing black community right down the middle. And it’s been a Divided Black Community every since! And you can attribute it all to ”White Flight”!

  10. Born in 1942 and grew up and lived at 710 Humboldt next to my great uncle George Dietel (architect of city hall and St Francis De sales school and church)
    In reading above I see Don Knowlton commented and if its the same Don K we went to St Francis together graduating in 1955. Yes where there is now a )trench we used to play football,baseball and just be kids until someone thought to make it easy for suburban drivers to drive into buffalo rather than thru city streets. What a tragic mistake , which history has proven
    Neighborhood were close and you stayed within certain boundries SIdney, Interpark ,Ferry and Northland (all off of Humboldt Parkway)
    Walking up the park to the Museum or to Delaware Park . Watching the horses pulling the voting booths to put in the park near Sidney St
    Very hard to find pictures of Humboldt Parkway. Would love to see some!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. I was a student of architecture at a point and once I came back home, my eyes were trained to recognize the great marvels in Architecture that Buffalo has such as The Martin House, The Guaranty Building, Ellicott Square Building and so many others. My elders had always told me about how Humboldt Park looked prior to the Expressway but could have never imagined it’s sheer beauty until I saw these pics so thank you for the pics and you all who experienced it for your comments.

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