Beware of ShoeShine Randy

Where does one start in regards to Buffalo’s own ShoeShine Randy? You’ll see the middle-aged fellow wandering around Buffalo’s Chippewa and Allentown districts offering to put shine to your shoes. What starts out as $3 will quickly run up to $20 if Randy has his way. Feel free to pay him the $3 with no doubts if you like.  He’s just a pushy sort trying to get enough cash to do whatever he does when he is not shining shoes.  He will do a real “spit” shine if you like (and probably even if you don’t).

These 3 pictures only cost us $5 but according do Randy himself he “…is already on the internet”. A little Google search for “ShoeShine Randy” and we have another RANDY link (and much better quality too).

Good luck to you Randy and may your fingers always be black.
ShoeShine RandyShoe Shine RandyRandy Shoe Shine

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